Steel Bridge Team

The Steel Bridge Team is a group of students composed of ASCE members. All majors are welcomed to join!

Every year, beginning in the fall, the Steel Bridge Design Team researches and creates possible designs of a steel bridge for competition at the ASCE-AISC Mid-Continent Conference in April. The best design is then chosen by running computer analysis tests on the various designs. The Steel Bridge Construction Team then fabricates and welds together the steel bridge. Having team-building activities and socials incorporated with construction, the team members are prepared along with the bridge to compete against other universities.

During the Mid-Continent Conference, the team must build the entire bridge from the ground up while considering display, construction speed, lightness, stiffness, construction economy, structural efficiency, and overall performance. SIUC’s Steel Bridge Team has a rich legacy of going to Nationals. Last year, we placed first overall at Regionals.

Our team values are Honesty, Teamwork, Dependability, Challenge, and Productivity! If you enjoy gaining hands-on experience, developing professionalism, having a great time with friends, and learning a lot about the analytical aspects of constructing a steel bridge, contact one of the team’s captains. Join the SIUC Steel Bridge Team today!

 Captain: Nick Berty (