Concrete Canoe Team

The Concrete Canoe Design Team is a group composed of members of the ASCE organization.

13406732_1773049849606870_5806558814959833524_nEach year the Concrete Canoe Design Team begins the year by researching and testing possible materials and mixes to use in the construction of a canoe made entirely out of reinforced concrete. Research is also done to determine the best possible design and mold for the canoe. Construction is completed entirely by students in the ASCE Shop throughout the year.

The team has the task of testing, constructing, and keeping all data involved with the canoe. They also travel to the Regional Conference each year in order to compete (and win) against other Universities, such as the University of Arkansas and Mizzou.

At the Midwest Continental Regional Conference the team presents a Design Paper and an overall display of the production of the canoe. Also, the team members take part in a series of canoe races with two to four person teams.

If you enjoy gaining hands-on experience, having a great time with friends, and learning a lot about the properties of concrete, then join the SIU Concrete Canoe Team today!


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