ASCE End of the Semester Update

Hey guys!

We’ve made it to the end of the semester, which means this will be the last monthly update until next fall. Here’s the latest ASCE news:

  • Conference Results
    • Concrete Canoe: 4th overall
    • Steel Bridge: 7th overall

While we may have not have placed as high as we expected, both the Canoe and Bridge teams worked admirably towards their goals, and while we did not achieve some of these goals, I expect there to be a bright future for both of our teams, especially since next year’s regional competition will be here at SIUC!

  • The Touch of Nature Bridge is now completed, thanks mainly to Alex Kreke and his hardwork and determination! It even withstood the stress of dozens of marathon runners.
  • We held our annual end-of-the-year banquet on May 2, and we recognized members of this ASCE chapter for outstanding achievements and memorable, funny moments throughout the year.
    • Memorable Moments Awards
      • The Great “Sphaluki” (for coming up with this hilarious name suggestion for the Concrete Canoe): Travis Walk
      • Grapefruit Award (for managing to eat like six grapefruits at Conference this year): again, Travis Walk
      • Softball Diva (for always remembering about the ESC’s softball tournament & helping us win four straight tournaments): Emily Peterson
      • Uranus Award (for finding the small town of Uranus, MO, that has its amazing Fudge Factory): Joseph Dewerff
      • Bonehead Award (for a member of Steel Bridge who made a memorable mishap in the shop): Erik Woelfle (and his member box)
      • Arm-Wrestling Champion (conquering all comers in this ASCE chapter at an arm-wrestling tournament): Mohammed Alqahtani
    • Outstanding Awards
      • Concrete Canoe Member: Alex Kreke (a.k.a. The Machine)
      • Steel Bridge Member: Alex Faivre
      • ASCE Freshman: Fernando Sanchez
      • ASCE Sophmore: Jessica Wignes
      • ASCE Junior: Patrick O’Sullivan
      • ASCE Senior(s): Nicole Hanke & Alex Kreke
  • We would like to thank and congratulate all of our senior members of ASCE that will be graduating this semester:
    • Helena Amorim
    • Nicole Hanke
    • Alex Kreke
    • Jared Linze
    • Emily Peterson
    • Emily Waldon
    • Travis Walk
    • Trevor Walk
    • Carrie Zillman
  • We would also like to thank Professor Eichfeld for supporting us all these years as well as everyone that helped us along the way this year:-Dr. Kumar

    -Professor Eichfeld

    -Dean Warwick

    -Dr. Chevalier

    -Judy Sherwood

    -Lisa Rainey

    -Jennifer Langin

    -Tim Attig

    -Members of the IT office

    -Dr. Hsiao

    -Members of the Professional Advisory Board

    -Tanya Kwiatkowski

    -Elise Ibendahl

    -Sean Henry

    -Matthew Riechers

    -David Ledesma, J.P., and David Redding

  • We would also like to thank our sponsors; without your continued support,  we would barely be able to operate at the highest levels we can achieve at our competitions:-Nucor

    -Kirby Building Systems

    -American Institute  of Steel Construction (AISC)

    -E.T. Simmonds Construction Company

    -Hanson Professional Services Inc.

    -Crawford, Murphy + Tilly, Inc.

    -Quad-County Ready Mix

    -Crossroads Truck Equipment Inc.

    -J.T. Blankenship, Inc.

    -Black + Veatch

    -Joseph F. Vargo,  Attorney at Law

    -Robert and Jeanette Berty

    -Scott and Nancy Berty

    -Timothy Davis

    -David Ledesma

    -Carol Kaczmarski

    -Loren & Kathleen Root

We have our sights now on next year, and we’re ready to defend our yard at Conference at SIUC in 2018! Go Salukis!

See you guys next fall,

Jason Jurak

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