ASCE Monthly Update — April

Hey guys! As we’re gearing up for Conference later this month, here’s this month’s update:

  • Our regional conference competition will be on April 21-22 at the University of Arkansas.
  • We have two meetings this month.
    • April 11th
      • Speaker: Matthew Riechers, alumnus of SIUC.
      • The deposit for Conference ($20) is due.
      • Elections will be held for the following positions on the executive board
        • Social/Service Chair
        • Special Projects Chair
        • Conference Chair
        • Fundraising Chair
        • ESC Representative
        • PR/Historian Chair
    •  April 18th
      • This will be a mandatory meeting for members attending Conference, as we will go over important details on the itinerary, schedule, and more related to Conference.
      • Payment for the conference t-shirts ($12) will also be due at this meeting.
  • Both the Bridge and Canoe are almost complete.
    • As of this writing, the bridge is going through some final welding, and it should be ready for our builders to start practicing with it this week.
    • The finishing touches are being added to the canoe; it should be done later this week.
  • Touch of Nature
    • The TON bridge is about 80% done, with the decking support nearly completed.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    • It has been pushed back a week (April 15) due to harsh weather conditions.
    • Visit our events/fundraising page for more information.

I hope all you readers have a fantastic Easter, and wish us luck for Conference!

Jason Jurak

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